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"Oh they were amazing functions..."


"The men wore butcher aprons and chef hats.  They used the skirt of the apron to wipe the grease off their faces.  Napkins were not allowed"...

- WHEN -

October 12, 2019

6:30-10:30 PM


938 Willmington Way 

Redwood City, CA 94062

"Some old chefs believe it had its origin sixty or seventy years ago, when butchers from the slaughterhouses on the East River would sneak choice loin cuts into the kitchens of nearby saloons, grill them over charcoal, and feast on them during their Saturday-night sprees.  And when the people got tired of eating and drinking, they would harmonize.  You could hear them from blocks away.""

"...eating with one's fingers and not being afraid to get messy were integral to the culture of the beefsteak."

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