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Beefsteak banquets originated among the working class of New York City in the mid-1800s as celebratory meals.  They served an over abundance of beer and beef as all-you-can eat finger food!  No napkins, no place-settings, just an apron and a lot of grease!

As connoisseurs of prime meats and aged drinks, all while raising a glass with our closest friends, we, Matt Irvin and Daniel McAuley, felt it was time to bring this tradition to the Bay Area.  In 2017 the first annual "Bay Area Beefsteak" was born.  

Come join us!

Click to the left for the original 1939 article in the New Yorker for the history of how "The Beefsteak" began.

Chicago Beefsteak

Click the icon on the left and check out what our friends at The Chicago Beefsteak are up to.  They continue to host a growing beefsteak for 10 years and counting...

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